This is a section containing projects I have worked on.

The North app: automating your personal carbon footprint (2019-2020)

With the team at Tomorrow, we worked on the North app, which was envisioned as a way to automatically track and calculate the carbon footprint of your life. It worked by connecting to apps you already used in order to track the activities you perform in your daily life. For example, by connecting and parsing your emails, the app was able to detect all plane and train tickets purchased. By connecting to your bank, the app was able to assess all items purchased (e.g. groceries or clothing). Finally, by connecting to your smart meter or electric vehicle, the app was able to assess the time at which you used electricity.

As the app had access to a significant amount of sensitive content, it was private by design: all data processing was done on the phone, and it didn't upload any information onto our servers.

All the carbon models and the integrations were open-sourced in order to create a community helping us to cover the whole ecosystem of potential integrations, and to enable trust in the carbon models.

North was discontinued in August 2020 (read more here).

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